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Warm Weather Means Less Colds

You Asked: Why Do I Get Sick Less in Warmer Weather?

Dear Fit,
I had at least three colds this past Winter and now that warmer Spring weather is on its way, I'm looking forward to a cold-free season. I don't think I've ever had a cold in the Summer, but I'm wondering why. It would seem to me that germs could live more easily on surfaces when the temps are mild as opposed to when it's so frigid out. So why is that?
— Just Curious

Cold and flu season is definitely associated with the Winter season, and one thing we all look forward to in the Spring and Summer is dodging the fever, stuffy noses, and fatigue associated with the common cold. To find out why more people get sick in the colder months,


While your mother may have told you to bundle up in the Winter to avoid getting sick, it's not the cold weather itself that's to blame for your illness. Viruses cause colds and the flu, and the reason more people seem to get sick in cold weather has to do with humidity levels in the air. Viruses favor low humidity levels that you find in colder weather, and can survive longer and spread faster. That's why it's recommended to use a humidifier during the Winter months to help prevent getting sick.

Cold and flu illnesses are also highly contagious. In the Winter, people tend to live and work in close quarters with little ventilation, making it easier to come in contact with viruses. Keeping active is also proven to ward off colds, and warm weather inspires more people to get outside and exercise. Now aren't you even more psyched for Spring and Summer?

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