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Ways to Prevent the Flu

Nobody wants to end up with the flu this year. Not only does it make every cell in your body ache and shake with chills, but you can end up feeling bad for a couple weeks. So here are some easy things you can do to prevent catching the flu.

  • It is recommended that you get a flu shot every Fall. This is especially important if you work closely with people or children.
  • Take advantage of the sauna at your gym. Researchers aren't sure why this works exactly, but studies show that those who sit in a sauna twice a week have half as many colds as those who didn't. It probably has to do with breathing in that hot air, which kills the germs. You can get the same effect from breathing in the air from your blow dryer.
  • Get fresh air regularly, especially when the heat is on in your home or office. The heat can make the air dry, which can dry you up as well and make you more vulnerable to getting sick. Getting outside also means you're getting away from all the germ-infested people around you. If you can't get outside, then use a humidifier or vaporizer to add some moisture back into the air.

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  • Avoid being around sick people. Stay at least three feet away to avoid the flu droplets spewing through the air.
  • Wash your hands long enough. It's great to wash your hands, but if you don't lather up with soap for a couple minutes, then you're not going to effectively kill the germs. So as you wash, sing your ABCs, or Happy Birthday twice through. If you're really serious about killing germs, wash your hands twice.
  • Try to avoid touching things that other people touch including hand rails, doorknobs, doorbells, handles on public toilets, gym equipment, and money. Use your sleeve whenever possible, and if you can't avoid touching things other people have touched, then wash your hands thoroughly immediately afterward.
  • Keep your hands away from your face. If you need to rub your eye, use your knuckle since it most likely has less germs than your fingertip.
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