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Wear Contact Lenses? Keep These in Mind

If your vision isn't perfect, and you're an active person, contact lenses are essential in my book. Contacts don't fog up when you're running, or fall off when you're biking. And you can wear them when swimming, you just have to wear goggles or keep your eyes shut. If you're a contact lens wearer like me, here are some things you should keep in mind.

  • Always wash your hands before inserting or removing your lenses. Touching your eye with germy fingers is a great way to get sick or contract an eye infection.
  • If you suffer from allergies, wearing contacts can make your symptoms worse since allergens can stick to the lenses. Wear glasses if your symptoms are really bad, and if you can't part with your contacts (I don't blame you), be sure to clean them thoroughly or replace disposable lenses more often. Also, look for drops containing antihistamines that may help relieve watery or itchy eyes.

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  • Keep moistening eye drops in your purse or desk at all times, especially if you work at a computer. Not only are dry lenses uncomfortable and difficult to see out of, but they could potentially scratch your eye. If this happens, the tiny tears can become infected, resulting in a corneal ulcer.
  • Only wear your lenses as long as you are directed to. That's because dirt and protein deposits accumulate on the lenses and can cause irritation, eye infections, or damage to your eyes. It may seem like you're saving moola by wearing your two-week lenses for two months, but the damage you cause to your eyes could be irreversible.
  • Give your eyes a rest from contacts, and wear your glasses instead. I know it's difficult to break the habit if you wear them every waking moment of every day, but your eyes need a chance to breathe. For this reason, it's good to get in the habit of taking your contacts out after you get home form work, and not wearing them to bed. Also try to have contact-free days during your week.
  • If you wear eye makeup such as mascara, replace it every three months to avoid eye infections. Also clean your brushes often for the same reason.
  • If you need protection from the sun's glare, ask your doctor about Nike Maxsight tinted contact lenses. Not only do they make it easier to see on sunny days without having to wear frames, but they filter out more than 95 percent of UVA and UVB rays.
  • Keep up with your yearly eye doctor appointments, to check your eye health and find out if your prescription has changed.
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