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Weight-Loss Tips From Dolvett Quince and Eve Torres

Trainer Dolvett Quince and WWE's Eve Torres Share Weight-Loss Secrets

Biggest Loser trainer Dolvett Quince knows a thing or two about weight loss. Eve Torres, after spending years in the wrestling ring, knows a thing or two about training. We sat down with these two and asked for their best advice on losing weight and living healthy. Get some great tips when you watch the video.

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Hey everyone, I'm Lindsay Miller, and I'm here today with two of the cast of Stars Earn Stripes. We've got Eve Torres and Dolvett Quince. How's it going, guys? Good, thank you. Good evening, thanks for having us. You give so much great advice on The Biggest Loser. Both of you are in professions where you're very active, in great shape. So what are some of your tips? If you had to take pick maybe three tips for people at home trying to shed some pounds, what are they? The first thing I'd say is keep a calendar. Okay. Keep a daily calendar to look at. To refer too when you have good days or when you have bad days, mark those calendars. I always give the advice, green line through that day, that's a good day. You ate what you're supposed to eat and you actually had some activity. Red-line through the days that you're not doing so well. You're not exercising, ate bad, and did some. You look back at that month, and say okay I had these this month, and these are the goal lines. And be honest. And be honest with it. That way you have a goal set for the following month. You have visual confirmation. Another good tip is to set your alarm clock. A lot of people set their alarm clocks to wake up, but that's it. Right. Not to work out, not to eat at a certain time. I think if you set those peddles as a reminder, you have something to say, oh it's time for me too, you'll probably be successful. That's a good tip. Eve, do you have any? For me, I think the biggest transformation came when I started training myself to like certain foods, sure. You have to train your body. You can sit there and say, "Oh I hate it." Train your palate. Yeah, train your palate, I mean. I grew up I don't think I ever ate a salad until I was maybe in college. Legit, I don't think I ever ate a salad. Yeah. I don't know, like I just wasn't I didn't like it and I never was really forced to eat it, and I had to train myself to love healthy food and now I do. I mean my body starts to crave it because it knows and it's good for it, so you have to allow your body to enjoy it and to want it. Well, thank you guys so much for stopping by today. Can't wait to see the show. Thank you guys for watching FitSugar TV.

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