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Incinerate Fat and Build Muscle With This Kickass Workout

Jan 8 2017 - 3:25pm

Add some dumbbells to your fitness routine and build some metabolism-boosting muscle while toning your entire body. We leave no muscle untouched with this workout, so grab a set of dumbbells between five and 25 pounds. Better yet, grab two sets — so you can challenge yourself on a few of the moves with heavier weights. The more often and consistently you lift, the more you will be able to lift!

Directions: Warm up with five minutes of light cardio, then repeat each three-exercise circuit three times. Start with 10 reps of each exercise, building up to 15 reps of each move as you get stronger.

Click here for a printable poster [1] of this workout.

Plank and Rotate

Twisting in a plank position fires up the core and works those love handles.

Use five- to eight-pound dumbbells.

Single-Leg Scarecrows

Challenge your balance while working the small muscles that support your shoulder, known collectively as the rotator cuff. This move also makes for shapely upper arms.

Use five- to eight-pound dumbbells.

Squat, Curl, and Press

Moving from a squat to an overhead press gets the heart rate going (read: more calories burned) while building shapely glutes and gams.

Use Use five- to 15-pound dumbbells.

Lying Chest Fly

Work your pecs to give your chest a little lift while toning your low abs — what is not to love about this multitasking move?

Use five- to 10-pound dumbbells.

Lying Overhead Reach

Work your shoulders and your abs with this exercise.

Use five- to 10-pound weights.

Seated Russian Twist

Work your muffin top and tighten your core with this simple move.

Use five- to 15-pound dumbbells.

Reverse Lunge and Press

This full-body toner gets the heart rate going, too!

Use five- to 10-pound weights.

Plank and Straight-Arm Kickback

Work your arms and abs together with this plank variation.

Use five- to 10-pound weights.

Weighted Squat

Increase the your weighs for this final exercise, and work up to using a 25-pound dumbbell.

Use a 15- to 25-pound dumbbell.

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