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Wet Bathing Suits and Yeast Infections: Not Fun

If you've ever had a yeast infection then you know how horribly uncomfortable they are. Since warm weather sends us flocking to the beach or the pool, you should know that hanging out in your wet bathing suit could cause major problems "down south."

Here's the deal. Yeast are tiny organisms that naturally grow in your vagina (in small numbers), and the acidic environment there helps to keep the yeast from overpopulating. If your vagina becomes less acidic, the yeast can multiply and cause an itchy and burning yeast infection. Not fun. The precious acidic balance of your vagina can be changed when you have your period, if you go on or off birth control, or if you take certain medications like antibiotics.

However, excess moisture or irritation can also encourage yeast to grow. That's why it is so important NOT to hang out in a wet bathing suit. If you won't be drying off quickly in the sun, make sure to change into a pair of dry underwear soon after you're done swimming. A pair that has a cotton crotch is best.

Along the same lines, as soon as you're done exercising, get out of those sweaty clothes. Take a shower if you can, and be sure to wash your clothes after each use. To be extra careful, think about getting some wicking undies to wear while exercising.

Fit's Tips: If you suspect you have a yeast infection, you can test yourself using Fem-V, or call your gyno just to make sure. You don't want to use an OTC medicine like Monistat if you don't have a yeast infection.


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