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What's the Deal With: BodyCircles

What's the Deal With: BodyCircles

I spend a lot of time strength training my upper body, but I'm so used to using dumbbells and doing push-ups, that I'm always looking for new ways to target my arms. Not only does it make my workouts more exciting, but it strengthens the muscles in my arms in a different way, which is great for preventing injury.

I'm not sure if you've ever tried these BodyCircles (on sale for $10), but you may want to pick some up if you're looking to isolate and tone the muscles in your upper body. These circles are padded and even though they don't look like much, they really do a beautiful job of targeting your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and upper back. Essentially they are like hula hoops for your arms. Spinning those circles forwards as well as backwards requires some coordination, but will build some strength and bring on the burn. There's a 14-minute instructional DVD included so you can learn how to strengthen your arms in just eight minutes. For under $10, it's quite a deal.

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