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What's the Deal with Lipo-dissolve

What's the Deal with Lipo-dissolve

I first heard of lipo-dissolve when rumors started flying about a certain starlet that had undergone the treatment. It sounded a little like sci-fi, but I was curious and if a celeb was doing it then it certainly sounded legit. After a little bit of research it seems that lipo-dissolve isn't exactly on the up and up.

Lipo-dissolve is marketed as a permanent, nonsurgical fat-removal technique. The procedure consists of multiple (140 - 160) injections into fatty tissue that take about 20 minutes. What is being injected? A soybean derivative solution called phosphatidylcholine, and that mouthful of an ingredient is combined with the emulsifier sodium deoxycholate. The compound has been shortened and has a cute nickame - PCDC.

PCDC is marketed as a natural compound, but the FDA disagrees. They believe it is a drug. A drug that has never been approved for use as a fat-removal injection. Critics of this fat removal technique also point out that no long term studies have been conducted to see if PCDC is safe and effective. One has to wonder what PCDC is doing while it is breaking down the fat. Creators of lipo-dissolve claim it is harmless and the excess is released through the urine, but before it makes it there it must be absorbed into the blood and pass through either the kidneys or the liver. Your body has to filter it.

Clearly more studies need to be done, but until then it seems there are many people willing to be guinea pigs for the procedure.


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