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What's the Deal With Slim Shots?

What's the Deal With Slim Shots?

I've received many questions about Slim Shots lately so I thought I'd address the topic. Slim Shots are little vanilla-flavored oil filled (each dose contains oat and palm oil) shots to be taken at breakfast that claim to trigger the body’s natural appetite control mechanism, which is supposed to satisfy shot slingers for longer periods of time. Being satisfied longer ideally means that you would then eat less during the day and lose weight. The shots come in little dairy creamer-looking packages, and you take one or two shots a day, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise program — of course.

Slim Shots, while not my cup of tea, do not seem horrible to me (it's no Pink Patch, that's for sure). The site does not promise outrageous results and there are even some clinical studies to back the product up. It's not approved by the FDA and the other downside is that the shots are not cheap. A one month's supply is $40. While I'm still not 100 percent on how the product works (the explanation is a little vague), I do know that you could basically get the same benefits from foods with other good fats likes avocados and nuts. Me, I'd rather top my salad with avocado than slurp down a shot of oil on the side.

Have you ever tried Slim Shots? Share your experience below.

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