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What Do I Do When the Cardio Machine Keeps Asking Me to Hold On for Heart Rate

You Asked: Hold On for Heart Rate?

You're asking and I'm answering . . .

Dear Fit,
I know it's a bad idea to hold onto the handles when using a cardio machine at the gym, however, whenever I am on the treadmill at my gym it is constantly beeping and asking me to, "Hold on for heart rate." What should I do?
-Confused Carrie

Great question! I know exactly what you mean, and I also know how annoying those interruptions can be, so here is my advice: Just hold on as long as you need for the machine to read your heart rate, and let go after the number appears — avoid the urge to lean-on or use the handles as a crutch to make your workout easier. If the machine keeps asking you to hold on to read your heart rate so frequently that you're not getting a good workout, then select another program that does not ask for your heart rate (i.e. not "fitness test"). If you still like to see your heart rate, but hate the machine begging you to hold on all the time, then you may want to get your own personal heart rate monitor, which will automatically transmit your heart rate to most cardio machines. Above all, keep up the good work!


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