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What (and When) to Eat For Your Indoor-Cycling Class

Apr 10 2014 - 1:38pm

If you're not fueled up properly for an indoor cycling session, those 45 minutes can feel like a struggle. Make the most of this intense workout with these tips from Flywheel Sports [1] instructor Wendy Wolfson. Not only did she share the right foods to eat before and after your workout, but we also learned that there's a formula for how to time things just right.

Source: Flywheel Sports [2]

Before a Morning Class . . .

If you're heading to an early morning class, breakfast is a must. Wendy recommends fueling up with a bowl of whole oats soaked in coconut milk, topped with cinnamon and blueberries; the combination of the carbs from the oats and the protein and good fat from the coconut milk will sustain you through a tough workout — without leaving you feeling too full.

When it comes to timing, Wendy suggests having your morning meal an hour or two before class to ensure that the "digestion process is in full effect," so you're not stuffed when you clip in to the bike. Even though it can be tough to eat this early, Wendy says it's the best way to fuel your body and rev up your metabolism before the workout.

After an Evening Class . . .

If you've been working all day and hit up an evening class from work, having a post-workout dinner with a proper blend of protein and carbs that is rich in nutrients is essential. Wendy's go-to meal is light and straightforward: "Lean protein [she loves skinless chicken breast, salmon, or eggs] combined with roasted veggies like sweet potato or broccoli and some sort of leafy green."

Try your best to do as much meal prep in advance, since Wendy's rule of thumb is to eat within an hour of your workout ending. This way you're sure that your body will "use your food to repair the muscles you've exerted," she says. Eating within the hour after a challenging workout will also replenish the vital nutrients your body may have lost in class.

The Perfect Pre- or Post-Workout Snack . . .

There's no need to go overboard with an elaborate snack. Wendy calls raw almonds "the perfect snack for before and after" a challenging Flywheel class, since they're easy to grab and provide both protein and carbs. She's also a huge fan of Lärabar [3] due to the "pure and energizing" ingredients baked in; her favorite flavor is the apple pie bar.

When it comes to snacking, Wendy suggests eating your snack between 20 to 60 minutes of a class ending. After a strenuous workout, she says, this window of time allows your heart rate and the body to return to normal. Once you've stretched, cooled down, and hydrated, it's time to have a snack to refuel.

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