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What It's Really Like to Go Paleo

Apr 24 2014 - 2:32pm

After reading all the hype about the Paleo diet [1], a lifestyle change based on the dietary habits of our cave-dwelling ancestors, I decided to embark on my own two-week Paleo project. Once I got into a routine, it was great, but I was not prepared for what the first few days had in store. Here's an animated taste of what it was like.

Hold up. This diet lets you eat these wonderful things?

Source: Fox [2]


Eggs with bacon.

This sounds awesome!

Source: Comedy Central [3]

But you can't eat dairy, gluten, brown rice, or even quinoa?

Source: Bravo [4]

No beans or peanuts? That seems pretty random.

Source: ABC [5]

Whatever, I can do this. I'm a healthy eater, and everyone is raving about it! Let's give it a shot.

Source: CBS [6]

Day One: This isn't hard at all! What's everyone complaining about?

Source: Paramount Pictures [7]

Day Two: OK, a little tougher but not too bad.

Source: The CW [8]

It requires a lot of planning and time in the kitchen.

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But it's all in the name of clean eating and quality food.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures [10]

Even still, I could really go for some quinoa right now.

Source: CBS [11]

Day Three: Alright, I'm officially detoxing from carbs. This hurts.

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My head is pounding.

Source: Bravo [12]

I can't drink enough water.

Source: AMC [13]

All I can think about is pizza.

Will I make it through tonight?

Source: Universal Pictures [14]

Day Four: Looks like the worst is over! I am feeling 100 times better today.

Source: NBC [15]

How did I wake up with so much energy?

Source: WWE [16]

I feel great in my clothes!

Source: Bravo [17]

Everyone is saying that I'm glowing.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures [18]

Maybe I'll stick with this Paleo thing after all!

Source: Fox Searchlight [19]

Three Weeks Later: This could go either way.

Source: Instagram user ladygagasreactions [20]

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