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What Is the Lunch Box Diet?

What's the Deal With: The Lunch Box Diet?

If you're one of those people who feels the need to munch on something all day long, the Lunch Box Diet plan was made with you in mind. Fitness trainer Simon Lovell came up with the idea which began in the UK, but is catching on in the US. Even celebs like Cameron Diaz gave it a try.

Basically, you eat whatever you want for breakfast and dinner, and graze on a lunch box filled with 60 percent veggies, 30 percent protein, and 10 percent dressing in between those meals. Carbs like whole grains are limited unless you're exercising at some point during the day. This eating plan is meant to balance your blood sugar so you're less likely to pig out snack on unhealthy foods.

Want to see a video clip about the Lunch Box Diet and hear what critics have to say? Then


Some critics think this diet doesn't supply adequate nutrition. There are also loose parameters when it comes to what and how much you should eat for breakfast and dinner, so it's great if you like flexibility, but not great if you have issues with proper portion sizes.

I'm all for a plan that encourages snacking on small amounts of healthy foods throughout the day, but this seems like a glorified Atkins diet, focusing on protein, veggies, and limited carbs. This diet may help someone lose weight and keep hunger at bay, but like most diets, this doesn't seem like a lifestyle you could sustain forever. I'd stick to eating healthy foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, monitor your portion sizes, and if you get hungry in between, munch on a nutritious snack.

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