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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Your First SoulCycle Class

Aug 16 2015 - 2:30am

We're big fans of the indoor cycling sensation SoulCycle [1] around here, but if you've never tried this fast-paced workout, your first high-energy ride is bound to have some emotional ups and downs. Here's a first-timer's guide to SoulCycle as told through GIFs.

It seems like everyone is excited about SoulCycle these days.

You're a tad concerned about its fervent fan base.

But you'll give any new workout a try!

You assemble your pack of friends who are ready to ride.

After someone helps you set up your bike and clip in your shoes, you're officially pumped.

You raise your hand high when the instructor wants to find all the new riders!

You close your eyes and are asked to dedicate your practice to someone. You start to wonder what you've gotten yourself into.

Everyone shows their excitement by hooting and hollering.

And you're off!

You're confused how anyone is able to balance out of the saddle while pedaling SO fast.

Trying to pedal and push up or back tap on the beat proves to be more difficult than anticipated.

You are covered in sweat, it's hot as hell, and you wonder if this is the moment that you should unclip and escape.

You're feeling a little better, and there's a quick moment to break. You've never been more grateful for water. Ever.

Wait, you're supposed to turn up the bike's resistance, AGAIN?

During the weight section, you feel a little like this . . .

But then an amazing song comes on that completely revives you.

You finally catch the beat and are riding with the pack! Now you see what all the fuss is about.

Before you know it, the cooldown begins. You feel like you're glowing from the inside out.

You leave the room on an exercise high. Class is over, and you're a convert.

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