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What is Volumetrics?

The Skinny On: Volumetrics Diet

In a recent post about which diets match your personality, one diet mentioned was The Volumetrics Eating Plan. Designed by nutritionist Barbara Rolls, PhD, it's based on the simple fact that people love food. It doesn't deprive you of any types of food, since limiting your diet too severely can cause you to binge and won't help you lose weight.

Volumetrics is based on the idea that you should fill up on low calorie foods that make you feel full. So you're encouraged to eat foods that are considered "less energy dense foods," which have a high fiber and/or water content. This includes non-starchy veggies, nonfat milk, and soup broths. High density foods include crackers, chips, cookies, candy, nuts, and oils, and should be limited.

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In Rolls' book, there are tons of recipes that involve lowfat tricks to cut out oil, butter, cream, and eggs, opting for skim milk, egg whites, yogurt, and applesauce instead. Many of the meals are water-based and contain lean proteins such as soups, casseroles, and stews, while many of the dessert recipes are fruit-based.

This eating plan isn't just about food. It also encourages you to increase your physical activity and to record what you eat and how much you exercise in a journal. Don't expect to lose massive amounts of weight at once on Volumetrics. This eating plan will result in slow and steady weight loss.

Experts feel Volumetrics can make sense for a lot of people, but that it's not for everyone. Since hunger isn't the only reason people chow down, those who tend to be emotional or social eaters may have a hard time limiting their food intake, even when their stomachs feel full. It also won't work for people who have busy schedules and don't have the time to cook up special meals.

Have any of you tried Volumetrics?

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