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What's Your Advice For Handling an Unsupportive Partner?

What's Your Advice For Handling an Unsupportive Partner?

You guys are always giving great advice to fellow users and this time we've got another question that could use everyone's help.

Hey Fit,
I've recently decided that I want to lose a few pounds by joining a gym and cutting out unhealthy foods, but the problem is that my boyfriend is being not being supportive at all. Every time I say I am going to the gym he says, "Come on, let's just hang out and watch TV." Or when we're going out to eat and I suggest a healthy restaurant he says he wants a real meal. He is always telling me that he likes me the way I am, which is nice, but I'd like a little support here. How can I get him to see my side? Or better yet, get healthy with me?
—Boyfriended Brandy

When my husband tries to pull stunts like that I say, "Honey, you can either join me or fight me, but you're not going to change my mind." Then he usually just feels bad, throws on his sneakers, and we head out for a run. Maybe you've been in a similar situation with a boyfriend, best friend, or husband? Even if not, let's hear all your great advice for a fellow user on the quest for health (and love) in the comments section below.


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