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What's the deal with: rBGH

What's the deal with: rBGH

The other day I "actually" overheard someone say, "I think the hormones they pump into cows make people gay."

Are you kidding me? I need to sit down.

Here's the deal. rBGH or recombinant bovine growth hormone, (also known as BGH - bovine growth hormone) is in no way healthy for the cow or for us, but it has nothing to do with people's sexual orientation. The hormones they inject into cows don't affect our hormones - they affect the cows'.

rBGH is a genetically engineered copy of the hormone cows produce naturally. Approved by the FDA in 1994, farmers inject it into cows to increase their milk production.

It causes immense suffering to the cows - udder infections, severe reproductive problems, digestive disorders, foot and leg ailments, and persistent sores and lacerations.

It's bad for people too. rBGH milk is supercharged with high levels of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). High levels of this have been proven to be major causes of breast, colon, and prostate cancers. Because of this, it's been banned in Europe and Canada, and boycotted by 95% of U.S. dairy farmers.

Do what you can and support companies like Stonyfield Farm, who oppose the use of rBGH. Only buy milk and milk products that clearly state that they are rBGH-free.

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