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When to Replace Gym Towels

How Often Do You Replace Your Gym Towel?

It can be a long, sweaty session at the gym, and if you go to one without towel service, it means bringing your own towel in your gym bag. Reusing a towel from the previous day without washing it can create an ideal environment for germs and bacteria; after all, it's spent a whole day festering in your gym bag! But how often do you actually replace your towel after use? I've heard anything from daily to "this is gross, but . . ."

So 'fess up and tell me . . .

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foxymardy foxymardy 5 years
I'm among the lucky ones who have a gym towel service. They give out fluffy white workout towels and bath towels for free in exchange of my membership card. I like to use three towels, one for my workouts, one for my body, one for my hair after a long shower, so I usually bring one of my own towels for my hair. If you want to get an extra towel, they charge you about one buck. I wash the towel I bring from home immediately when I'm home. If my gym had no towel service, I'd still do the same. Damp used towels : Germ magnet!
amber512 amber512 5 years
After each use. So at LEAST daily. I can't even imagine the kind of germs otherwise. I put it on the machine I'm using and try to wipe my face with the side that isn't touching it!
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 5 years
I didn't vote because the only gym I use is the one in the building at work and they offer towels, but I used to trade out my towel every time I used it, or if it'd been kicking around in my bag against dirty clothes for a while. In fact, the only thing I don't regularly trade out for something clean are my pants - I never go without underwear and I don't sweat downstairs the way I do in a shirt, so I only wash them every 2 to 3 times and always keep a clean pair of underwear to change into after a workout, even if I plan on waiting to shower until I get home.
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