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When Is It "Too Hot" to Work Out?

A Reader Asks: When Is It "Too Hot" to Work Out?

FitSugar reader KittyTX loves to run outside in the heat and asked this question to the community.

I was born and raised in Texas, so I think that has a lot to do with my comfort in hot weather that everyone else thinks is miserable. I live in Austin now, and it's been over a hundred degrees for a long time now. I absolutely love the heat and hate cold weather. I actually wake up shivering in the mornings, because the house temperature has sunk to 72 degrees while I was sleeping. I HATE the environment at work, because all the (slightly overweight) women turn the AC down to the 60s.

My question is: What is the danger of working out in the 105 degree (literally) weather we have going on here? People look at me like I'm nuts and act like it's one of the worst things that I can do to my body when I head out the door at 2 into the blazing sun. The truth is, this is my favorite time of year, because it's the only time I'm comfortable. I love being outdoors to get exercise, because I have no motivation to go to the gym since I doze off from the boredom of running towards a wall for 30 minutes. I also refuse to wait until it's almost dark to go outside like most people like to do around here, because I'm a woman (whose been attacked before) and I know it's not safe. I wear tons of sunscreen. I drink plenty of water. I maintain my asthma really well, and it only really bothers me in the winter. Is it really that bad for my body?

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