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Here's How to Find the Perfect Workout Buddy

Mar 18 2014 - 10:20am

Studies show that women who work out with someone perform better [1] and are less likely to skip workouts than those who go solo if a plan with a pal is already in place. But finding a friend who's a fitness match can be a struggle — especially if you're brand new to this whole fitness thing. It's important to find someone who will be a good match for your goals and keep you motivated; here's where to look.

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Reach Out to (Reliable) Friends

Planning fitness dates with friends is a great way to balance your workout routine. But you know that friend who always wants to make healthy changes but just can't seem to make it stick? While you should include them in your new healthy lifestyle — hopefully, it will get them on board for good! — they shouldn't be your sole workout partner. Look for positive friends who are serious about their active lifestyles, want to reap the healthy benefits beyond sheer weight loss, and, in short, do not constantly flake.

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Connect With Co-Workers

Not only do you already know a little bit about their work ethic from the office, but hitting up a class or going for a run straight from work will also make sure you don't skip out last minute; you can hold each other accountable to stick to the game plan. Plus, having closer relationships in your office will only make you happier during the workday.

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Chat More at Group Classes

What better place to find a workout buddy than the class you both religiously attend? Look for regulars who hit the same time slots as you, and don't be scared to strike up friendly conversation about your favorite classes and healthy hot spots in town. If you feel a little awkward about asking someone new to work out, consider getting a small group of people together to alleviate any fears you have about the one-on-one dynamic.

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Look Online

There are plenty of platforms out there looking to connect people in real life. One of the largest is Meetup.com [6], a site that connects like-minded folks with similar interests and goals. Join groups in your area to receive notifications about events happening near you. Whether you want to meet new yoga, cycling, or running buddies, there's a meetup out there for you! Once you start expanding your healthy network, it will be much easier to make fun workout plans.

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