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Why the Freshman 15 Is a Myth

The Freshman 15 Is a Myth — What's the Real Number?

As students settle into their new lives at college, chances are there's plenty of temptation to lead them away from any healthy intentions. That's been the reason why many say students gain the "freshman 15" their first year. But a new study says that's a myth — most students don't gain an extra 15 pounds the first year on campus. So how much weight do college women really gain their first year? Take a guess in our quick quiz!

The Freshman 15 Is a Myth — What's the Real Number?

On average, how many pounds do women gain their first year in college?

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amusedd amusedd 4 years
In college, I'm thinner and fitter than I was in high school. In part, this is because I was a hot frickin' mess in high school, and in college I've sort of gained a footing. Also, though, I bus and bike most places and "discovered" running. College is so much better than high school, god.
lostfreak121 lostfreak121 4 years
I actually lost weight ... about 13 pounds or so. Probably just because I had no one to cook for me and didn't want to waste money on take-away
amber512 amber512 4 years
I actually gained the freshman FORTY. My first fast food job coupled with a surgery that left me unable to do anything but eat and sleep didn’t help me. This was long before I even considered healthy eating or knew anything about fitness. Thankfully that forty has left and took another sixty off with it!
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 4 years
i definitely gained 15! luckily i lost it all that summer
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