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Why Negative Splits Are Important For Marathons

Learn the Power of the Negative Split For Your Next Marathon!

Whether you're running a 10K or a full marathon, negative splits are truly a positive when it comes to rocking your race. The strategy of starting slowly and picking up your pace in the second half of the race offers a handful of benefits. Watch this video to learn our tips for training and racing with the negative split. Happy running!

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When running any long distance race, you need to start out slow so you can tackle the final miles with gusto. Today I'm going to go over a few pointers on how to run a negative split. Working a negative split means running the second half of your race or workout faster than the first. So use your your first miles to truly warm up your body, lung and heart included. This helps conserve your energy for the second half of the race. So cross the starting line relaxed running relaxed, no matter your speed, conserves energy. And when running 26.2 miles you're going to need all the energy you can get. Picking up your speed for the second half of the race gives you a psychological advantage as you pass other runners and feel your pace increasing as well. It's important to train this way so nervous energy doesn't overwhelm you on race day. Since you're running the first half of the race at a slower pace it seems like you'd be in the negative in terms of overall time. But, since you're conserving your energy for the first half of the race, you can run quicker for the second half creating a faster overall time. Be sure to remember the power of the negative split on your next big race. Thanks for watching FitSugar TV.

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