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Why You Should Stop Touching Your Face

Healthy Tip: Don't Touch Your Face

Since it's cold and flu season, we're all trying hard not to get sick. One of the best ways to prevent catching a virus is to wash your hands often, because the germs on your hands make their way into your body through your eyes, nose, or mouth, giving you the cold or the flu. We all know that it's impossible to keep your hands perfectly germ-free all day long, so as an extra measure, keep your hands away from your face.

If you just caught yourself touching your face as you read this, don't worry, you're not alone. A study found that people touch their faces on average 16 times an hour, often unconsciously. All that face touching coupled with your daily trek through public spaces, whether it's the gym, the bus, or the mall, can lead to an unhappy, sniffly cold and flu season spent largely in your bed.

While remembering to not touch your face may be easy in thought, it can be hard in practice. Read on for some strategies to help you stop touching your face.

To reduce your chances of getting sick, avoid holding your head with your hand while staring at your computer screen, and refrain from applying lip balm with your finger. If you find that you touch your face at your desk a lot, write a note that you can stick to your monitor to help you remember to stop. Use floss instead of your fingernail to remove food from your teeth, and remember not to rub your eyes. If you need to touch your face, wash your hands thoroughly first.

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