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Willpower Affects If You Will Work Out or Skip It

When It Comes to Working Out, Just Do It

Recent studies show that for some people, exercise is second nature, and for others (most of us), it takes willpower to make yourself do it. The problem is, if we use up our willpower or self-control for other things during the day like resisting the urge to hit the snooze button, or not giving in to your cravings for the brownies a co-worker brought in, then we won't have enough willpower left over to push ourselves to get to the gym. Willpower is like money in our wallet — scientists believe we only have a certain amount of it and if it's spent on one thing, it can't be used on another. But willpower is also like a muscle — the more we challenge it, the stronger it gets.

So if getting yourself to the gym is more of a chore that takes willpower, one thing you can do in order to have the energy to work out is to get it over with first thing in the morning. Wake up, have a small snack and then exercise. Scheduled exercise is more likely to happen and if it's first on your to-do list, you'll definitely have enough willpower to push yourself to do it.

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