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Winter Detox Dinner Ideas

Clean Up Your Diet With 5 Detox Dinners

Chilly weather may have you dreaming of nothing but high-calorie comfort foods, but now's the time to ensure you enter the indulgent holidays with a clean slate. This week, nix the heavy dinners for these detox meals to leave you feeling light on your feet.

Monday: Hearty Green Soup

Photo: Leta Shy

This isn't a thin, watery bowl of spinach juice; you'll be pleasantly surprised at the heft of a heaping bowl of this green Winter detox soup. Kale, onion, sweet potato, turnip, and more all add detoxifying nutrients to your diet.

Tuesday: Apple Cabbage Salad

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

End your day on a fiber-filled note; this apple cabbage detox salad is not only great for digestion, but also features metabolism-boosting spices like cayenne and a delicious apple cider vinegar dressing that helps you feel satisfied.

Wednesday: Arugula and Broccoli Soup

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

Count Gwyneth Paltrow as a major fan of this light detox arugula and broccoli soup — she featured this green blended soup on her lifestyle blog, GOOP. Pair this 130-calorie soup with a lean protein for a filling, detoxifying meal.

Thursday: Paleo Rainbow Salad

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

This raw rainbow salad is filled with colorful produce that contains anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and disease-fighting nutrients. Pair with a side of baked fish to make this the perfect late-night light dinner after an evening workout.

Friday: Creamy Vegan Nutmeg Soup

Photo: Leta Shy

You'll never guess that this creamy nutmeg broccoli soup is entirely vegan; it makes a great low-calorie substitute for when you're craving a cream-based soup. Nutmeg and cayenne spice up your bowl and give you a little metabolism boost as well.

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