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The 13th Mile: At-Home Workouts For Winter Snowstorms

This post is from the OnSugar blog The 13th Mile — A Half Marathon Blog.

A few weeks ago, I wrote on the ease of continuing to run outside, despite extreme weather conditions — like post-snowstorm. However, I do believe that at a certain point — like when the roads are coated with semi-invisible ice, or your city is in the midst of a blizzard — taking the workout indoors is one’s only option.

The problem with indoor workouts is that there are too many distractions. It’s easy to fall victim to the household chores or that favorite TV show. But these activities can simply be woven into the overall fitness routine while multitasking!

1. Weighted TV watching —  As many trainers and fitness experts agree, lifting weights several times a week is one of the best ways to torch calories for 24 hours post-workout while boosting metabolism. For those of us with no time left over for TV, lunges, crunches, and tricep-dips might just be the only time to catch up on the most recent episode of our favorite TV shows. Might as well get the most out of the time!

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2. Cardio Chores — So you have a dishwasher — but it doesn’t plug into the wall: it has two arms and it’s you. Should standing in front of your sink scrubbing pots for an hour become wasted time? Or can you use it to your advantage? Use this time to perform side leg lifts, squats, back-kicks, or anything else your lower half can multitask while your dishes become sparkling clean.

3. Never sit still — I have turned this quality into a near nervous habit, but I simply cannot relax and sit still. I’m not suggesting that everyone follow this advice, as this is probably more of an annoyance than a positive trait. However, the benefit to never sitting still is constant calorie burning. If you’re at home for hours at a time, why not squeeze in a minute of jumping jacks or some skaters? Short bursts of cardio blast more fat because of the interval training.

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dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 5 years
Great tips! The tri-state has gotten hit so hard this winter, it's hard to get out there running!!! Personally, when I'm watching a tv show, during commercials I always try to do something...whether its crunches with a weight ball or using a resistance band!
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