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Work Out on Thanksgiving Before Your Meal

Will You Be Working Out Before Your Feast?

The holiday season officially kicks off tomorrow with the Thanksgiving feast. The days and weeks that follow are full of parties, sweet treats, and spiked punches. I don't think it's fair for anyone to attempt to lose weight when foodie festivities abound, but maintaining your weight — that's a noble goal.

For me, exercise is key for balancing out all my indulgences. I like to kick off T day with a workout, be it a Turkey Trot or a vinyasa yoga class. Many gyms offer special classes designed to fire up your metabolism before the upcoming meal. The amount of calories burned in your workout will probably not offset your entire meal, but every little bit counts, and the workout might just keep you more accountable when you scoot your chair under the table.

I am planning a workout at my sister's gym in Minneapolis — a 30-minute weight circuit followed by 30 minutes of swimming. What about you?

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leemorg leemorg 4 years
Hi ladies, Definitely great to see that there's some of us that can make good on our commitments to working out prior to Turkey Time! :) As for myself...well, let's just say that I know myself pretty well by now. I try hard, and that should count for something, right? ;) Typically, if I'm headed over to anyone else's place for eats, the day is pretty packed. There's always some last minute preparation, whether it's ironing your Sunday best, picking up an appetizer or bottle of wine, or getting your face ready for the big event. Because I like to arrive a couple hours before the feast hits the table, I'm usually out the door by around 4, depending on the commute. I like to spend time watching the game with my dad before turkey, or learning valuable stuffing secrets from my mom. If your day looks anything like mine--or if you take as much time as I do to get it together in the morning--see if you can try and get your share of exercise "out of the way" prior to the big turkey day itself. Some people are really good about getting organized early, so going for a run before the grocery store and before the turkey can totally work out. If you're keen on getting in a fat-burning session the day of the event, try to have your affairs in order the night before at least. Think about what you're expected to bring to the feast a few days prior to Thanksgiving. Drop by the liquor store and pick up a bottle of wine, plan your outfit, figure out how long it'll take you to drive or bus to Aunt May's house, and so on; aim to get this all done before the big day. The less you have to take care of come Turkeyfest '11, the better your odds of actually making good on that morning run. Since I've yet to actually host my own turkey dinner, I can only imagine how hectic the day can be. For all you chefs and sous chefs, I hope getting organized in advance can also help you sneak in an afternoon workout if so desired. Either way, I've learned that there's always Monday morning (or Tuesday!), so no worries if it doesn't pan out as planned. Hope your dinner is delicious and your workout is swift. Happy eating! Best, Lee
amber512 amber512 4 years
I won't be feasting and the gym will be closed, so no plans for me.
Gabriela-Une-Vie-Saine Gabriela-Une-Vie-Saine 4 years
Yup!! My best friend from high school and I are doing a Turkey Trot together. It probably won't be a very intense workout, but I think it'll be fun!
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