Some nights, heading to the gym is a no-brainer, but other days, it takes a little more commitment. If you've found yourself bailing from the gym lately, you'll be able to relate to (at least) one of these GIFs.

I work out all the time. I deserve a break!

Source: NBC

The weather is so gnarly.

Source: Comedy Central

I've got to run those errands.

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I can't deal with seeing her.

Source: TLC

I ate so healthy all day.

Source: Bravo

Maybe I'll do a workout DVD once I'm home! Maybe . . .

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I need a glass of wine.

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What if that guy is finally at happy hour . . . ?

Source: CBS

Everyone told me I looked so fit today! Who needs the gym?

Source: AMC

All my "good" workout clothes are dirty.

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I haven't seen my boyfriend, girlfriend, puppy (insert your "person" here) all day.

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Today was so stressful. I just need some "me" time.

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Basically, I have big plans at home.

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