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The Best Way to Cool Down After Strength Training

Sep 7 2014 - 7:27pm

After a tough workout, there's nothing better than giving your muscles and mind a little R&R. I recently chatted with Eoin Finn of Blissology Yoga [1] at Wanderlust Whistler [2] about the poses he suggests after a tough strength-training workout.

Eoin says it's important to start with something dynamic before heading into full chill-out mode. This way, your nervous system has time to switch gears from "the fight-or-flight to rest-and-digest mode." When you do the poses in this order, you'll leave your workout feeling energized, focused, and refreshed. Eoin suggests starting with three standing postures and then hitting the floor for an additional three. Be sure to breathe deep and link your breath with movement to make the most of your stretching session.

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Runner's Lunge

Release tension in your hip flexors and psoas with this common stretch. If it is difficult for you to swing your leg up to the above position, start on your hands and knees, then extend your back leg in the lunge position.

Source: Louisa Larson Photography [4]

Open Triangle

Open Triangle is a great pose that has double the stretching power: it's a forward bend plus a twist.

Source: Jenny Sugar at Laughing River Yoga Studio [8]

Revolved Triangle

Revolved Triangle will be a challenging pose to anyone working with tight hamstrings, hips, or an ITB, but it's well worth the struggle.

Source: Jenny Sugar at Laughing River Yoga Studio [9]

Seated Spinal Twist

Eoin suggests working the outer hips, obliques, and shoulders with a nice Seated Spinal Twist.

Source: Louisa Larson Photography [10]

Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward Bend brings a deep stretch to the back of your legs. Instead of leading with your head, move your chest toward your toes to get the biggest benefit.

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A basic yoga pose, Pigeon [12] is one of the most effective hip openers because you can focus on one hip at a time. If you want an even deeper hip stretch, Eoin suggests going for Double Pigeon Pose [13].

Source: Louisa Larson Photography [14]

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