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Yoga for Fertility

I call it the conception conundrum. As women, it seems like we spend much of our adult lives trying NOT to get pregnant, and if we have trouble conceiving when we do decide to start a family, it feels like an evil cosmic joke. Getting pregnant when you finally decide you are ready to become a mom can be more complicated than just forgoing the birth control.

In these situations, there is the medical route, which can be very expensive, invasive and doesn’t always work. Since people think of these practices (like IVF) as the last resort, many want-to-be moms are turning to alternative practices to optimize their chances of getting prego, such as acupuncture and Fertility Yoga classes.

Is there scientific proof or research that these alternative therapies work? To find out

There's really no hard scientific evidence that these methods are effective, but if you had your heart set on having a baby, wouldn't you try anything and everything? After talking to many of my mom friends, I would say that there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that supports these alternative routes. Some women have had great success, and doctors think it may have to do with how these practices stimulate reproductive organs and increase blood flow to their hips and pelvis.

Yoga and acupuncture also help to reduce stress. If a person is worried or anxious, it can have an effect on your hormones and ovulation - remember how stress can affect your period? Plus these hopeful women are constantly being bombarded by questions from friends and relatives asking "What's wrong? When are you having a baby?" Yoga classes and acupuncture sessions can give them a break from thinking about it, and the relaxation can hopefully have a positive affect on their bodies.


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