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Core-Carving Yoga Poses

Dec 17 2015 - 4:05pm

It may be months before you're slipping on a bathing suit again, but that doesn't give you the green light to forget about your abs. Even under your baggy sweater, it's still important to maintain a strong, toned core. It will not only prevent back pain, improve your balance and posture, and make running, skiing, and other sports feel easier, but you'll also feel confident in and out of your clothes. Unroll that yoga mat and do these nine poses that'll leave you so sore, it'll hurt to laugh tomorrow.

Warrior 3

Balancing on one leg really challenges your core! If you're not using your abs to stabilize in this pose, you'll likely tip over. Here's how to find your inner warrior.


A classic backbend that increases spinal flexibility, Camel [2] also works your core muscles and opens tight shoulders.

Dolphin Plank

Even yogis love elbow planks, but we call them something else. An elbow plank by any other name will still work your abs.

Balancing Star

This pose is a side plank on crack . . . in a good way. Your obliques will certainly feel the challenge while you balance in this starry pose.


Arm balances require more than arm strength; they're really about your core! Thinking of this as an ab exercise can help you hone in on the balance needed to maintain this pose.


Boat pose is the go-to move for abs in yoga. It really challenges all four layers of your abdominals, similar to the Balance Point in Pilates [6]. Get ready for some smooth sailing.

Intense East

Believe it or not, you're totally working your abs even as you expose your belly to the sky. Pulling your low abs up and in while arching your spine makes this pose feel easier.

Eight Crooked Limbs Prep

The pose called Eight Crooked Limbs [9] really works your upper body, but this prep pose for it is a killer move for your abs.

Headstand B

Work your abs upside down in this Headstand variation [10].

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