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The Best Active Remedy For Sore Muscles

Jul 14 2014 - 6:29pm

After a tough workout, sore muscles can leave you feeling tight, tense, and just plain uncomfortable. If you're up for some active recovery, this quick yoga sequence is some of the best medicine out there for tired muscles. When you've completed this short and effective session, your body will feel opened up and energized yet calm. It offers a serious stretch to your whole body — especially those tight spots that need it the most!

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Child's Pose

Draw your arms out long in front of you, and let your forehead rest on the floor for Child's Pose. If you're working with sore muscles, you'll feel this stretch all over your body. As you breathe deep, let your hips sink closer and closer to your toes.

For a more intense shoulder stretch in this restorative posture, crawl out your fingers even further away from your body until your forearms are off the floor and your arms are actively engaged.

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Cat-Cow Pose

Warming up your spine with a round of Cat Pose to Cow Pose will loosen up tightness in your upper body and relieve tension in your neck. Pay special attention to aligning each movement with each breath to build the heat that will make your muscles loosen up; it's the way to make the most out of this effective asana.

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Downward Facing Dog

Activate your entire body, release stress in your legs and neck, and start building internal heat in Downward Facing Dog. Ten breaths might seem like a long time — but don't bail! This pose will get the blood pumping through your whole body.

Step your feet out a little wider than usual or pedal your feet one at a time to feel an even bigger release in your hips and the backs of your legs.

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Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend is another pose that looks like it's all relaxation, but you will feel a deep and intense stretch in your hamstrings and upper back. While the full expression of the pose calls for straight legs, if that feels like too much on your body, give a little bend to your knees to create more space. Remember to breathe deep, and come up slowly.

Source: Laughing River Yoga

Warrior 1

Warrior 1 starts bringing heat to your whole body. Keep your core and legs engaged with your hips facing the front of your mat. Equally sharing the weight of your body between your front and back legs will make this pose feel much more comfortable.

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Warrior 2

Don't bail from Warrior 2! Stick with it to strengthen and stretch out tight and tired quads. Draw your shoulder blades back and towards each other to engage your entire back body and open up your chest.

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Reverse Warrior Pose

Take the edge off your back and stretch a tight side body out long with Reverse Warrior — and don't be concerned with how far back your top arm can reach! You want to feel a big stretch in the side of your body while keeping your bent knee in line. You'll lose the integrity of this pose (and might pull something else!) if you attempt to reach back too far.

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Tight hips and sore tush will feel a huge release in Pigeon Pose. Focus on proper alignment with your legs and only drop your arms and head on the ground when you feel open and comfortable. Keeping your gaze forward with your forearms resting on the ground (pictured) might be exactly what you need when you're working with a sore body.

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Head-to-Knee Pose A

Target your hips, lower back, and hamstrings as you sink into Head-to-Knee Pose A. It's equal parts a restorative stretch and big leg opener — exactly what you need when you're working with a sore body.

One Knee to Chest

Show your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes even more love with this quick and effective stretch.

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Reclining Spinal Twist

When your back is sore and tired, few things are more soothing and effective than a good spinal twist. This spinal twist will feel absolutely amazing, and you might even hear some cracks in your back!

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Corpse Pose

Relax! You just gave all your muscles some serious TLC. Take a long Savasana to come back to center before you move on with your day feeling less tight and way more comfortable.

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