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The 7 Crazy Yoga Teachers You're Going to Encounter

Mar 20 2014 - 3:09am

When you're on the hunt for a favorite yoga class, you're sure to encounter more than a few instructors you might not vibe with. You don't know how awesome your favorite teacher really is until you've taken class from someone a little more . . . eccentric. Yogis of all levels will get a kick out of all these kooky teacher personalities — and definitely say "I know that guy!" at least once.

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The Drill Sergeant

No sips of water allowed! Your knee must be at a perfect 90-degree angle! Once you're in this teacher's room, you're expected to stay, commit, and push yourself to the edge.

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The Extreme DJ

Hey, did I sign up for a yoga class or a concert?

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The Higher Than Thou

We get it. You're in tune with your inner light and you've chanted in temples. Don't make us feel like we're not worthy!

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The Too Touchy

Hopping into a huge cuddle puddle for the next 90 minutes might not be your idea of a good time.

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The Hands-Off Approach

On the opposite side of the spectrum, no adjustments from your teacher whatsoever can leave you wanting more connection . . . and feeling concerned about the class's safety.

The Chakra Talker

Between all the Sanskrit chanting, gazing at your third eye, and engaging the invisible energy fields in your body, you wonder if this teacher thinks they're on another planet.

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The Won't Shut Up

Without a moment to be quiet and introspective with your own thoughts, you wonder if this yoga teacher has been plagued with diarrhea of the mouth.

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