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Yoga Video of Warrior Triangle Sequence

Yoga Video: Warrior Triangle Sequence

Want to strengthen your quads and increase flexibility in your hamstrings and hips? Try this sequence of standing postures. It's great for runners, skiers, riders, and cyclists as a warm up. Hold each posture for longer than five breaths to open and strengthen even further.

Want to know the names of the postures in the sequence? Then

Inhale - Lift your arms up
Exhale - Standing Forward Bend
Inhale - Look up and lengthen the spine
Exhale - 4 Limbed Staff (Chaturanga)
Inhale - Up Dog
Exhale - Down Dog
Inhale - Warrior 1 with the right foot forward
Exhale - Warrior 2
Inhale - straighten your front leg
Exhale - come into Open Triangle
Inhale - lift your torso up to standing
Exhale - bend your front knee, coming into Extended Side Angle (stay here or come into Bound Extended Side Angle)
Inhale - plant your palms and come into the balancing pose known as Eka Pada Koundinyasana
Exhale - Chaturanga
Inhale - Up Dog
Exhale - Down Dog

Now repeat the sequence on the left side.

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