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You Asked: Will Bikram Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?

You're asking and I'm answering.

"Hey Fit. I've heard that people lose a lot of weight when doing Bikram Yoga. What's your take?"
Heated Heather

When I say Bikram Yoga is hot, that's quite an understatement. You don't know how hot it is until you set foot in a Bikram studio. It's like walking into a sauna. The room is heated to at least 105°F and 40 percent humidity. The extreme heat is meant to encourage your muscles to open up quickly, so you're able to get deep into poses. It's a grueling 90-minute class that many people endure because the stretching feels amazing and because they think that this specific kind of yoga promotes weight loss.

While Bikram will sure make you sweat out buckets, I'm sorry to say that it won't help you shed pounds. Any weight you think you've lost after a Bikram Yoga class is all just water weight. As soon as you drink to rehydrate your body, you'll gain those few pounds back instantly. Sweating is a natural process that's good for your body, but it isn't a measurement to gauge how many calories you've burned.

A Bikram yoga class done regularly (at least three times a week) will help you tone up and will burn calories, but if you have a lot of weight to lose, you'd be better off doing some more effective cardio training such as walking, jogging, using a machine, swimming, or biking.


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