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You Asked: Does Fitter Mean Sweatier?

I have a question: is the amount of sweat you produce at all related to how
physically fit you are? Since I have been working out consistently and am in good shape, the amount I sweat when exerting myself has dramatically increased. Is there any correlation?

- Sweaty Sally

When you exercise, the muscles generate too much heat for the air to absorb. Then skin and the body's interior signal to the brain to begin the sweating process. Some people have fewer than two million sweat glands while some have as many as five million -- So we all sweat at different rates.

But onto the answer of your question: Is sweating a measure of how fit you are? Research shows that when you increase stamina and conditioning, you begin to sweat “more efficiently.” (I've endearingly named this process your sweatness.) In other words, you sweat earlier, or at a lower internal temperature, than previously. Sweating earlier helps the body better regulate core temperature in all climates and at all activity levels — One more benefit of cardiovascular exercise. So, you may just be starting to sweat earlier than when you were less fit, which is most likely what you're experiencing.

Furthermore, humans tend to be a little cooler in the morning, a little warmer in the late afternoon, which means the time of day you're exercising could have something to do with it too.

One last point is that women run about half a degree higher after ovulation (which could lead to sweating more) and excess unnecessary sweat is normal during menopause. This could also be a reason you may be sweating more at certain times.

Regardless of how much you sweat, always drink before, during and after exercising.

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