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You Asked: How to Survive Finals

It is finals season and surviving the crazy and rigorous study and exam schedule can be beyond difficult.

Here are a few suggestions and tips for you as you enter survival / study mode.

  • Routine: Stick to your normal sleeping, eating and exercising schedule as much as possible. This means don't suddenly up your caffeine intake, since it can interfere with your ability to sleep.
  • Take Breaks: Put your study materials down every two hours and relax. Let your eyes, brain and body take a rest. This will help you study for longer - I swear.
  • Exercise: Partake in some mellow form of exercise daily. Take a walk or a bike ride and let your mind wander, you might figure out a new argument to that 50 point essay question.
  • Eat Well: Eat balanced meals every day, and healthy snacks too. Don't short change yourself nutritionally, you are under serious stress and your body and brain need nutritious foods - not bags of Doritos balanced out by a cup of green tea.
  • Avoid the Munchies: If you are staying up way past your usual bedtime, chances are you will crave sugary, carbohydrate snacks since your brain needs carbs to function. Avoid the powdered sugar donuts from the vending machine and eat some complex carbs that you have prepared ahead of time (brown rice, quinoa) or eat some healthy whole grain cereal like Kashi. Who doesn't love a bowl of cereal at 1 a.m.?
  • Attitude: Keep a positive attitude. You are almost done and summer is almost here, and avoid the "nervous nellies" since anxiety can be contagious.

Good luck!!!!

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