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You Asked: Is It Insulting to Get My Husband a Membership to a Gym?

Dear Fit,
Being healthy and physically fit is very important to me. I eat well, exercise four times a week, and enjoy running and practicing yoga. My husband on the other hand, is more into sitting on the couch watching TV. Not only has he put on a little weight since we got married two years ago, but I'm worried about his health. Do you think it's insulting to get him a membership to my gym?
— Concerned Cara

I'm sure many FitSugar readers can relate to your problem, and I don't blame you for wanting your loved one to be as healthy and fit as you. To hear how I'd handle this situation


It really depends on your husband's personality. If you're questioning whether he'll be insulted then that makes me think his weight and lack of interest in exercising has come up before. So it sounds like getting him a membership to your gym might be too pushy at first. Instead I would encourage him to do physical activities with you that seem less about exercise, and more about spending time together having fun. Suggest a bike ride in the country, go hiking on some nearby trails, play tennis, or start off easy with a walk around your neighborhood. Once he starts to move more, hopefully he'll realize how good it makes him feel. Then once he's hooked, you can suggest joining your gym.

If he's too stubborn for that then I'd be honest with him. Tell him how much you love him, and that you're worried about his health. Say that you wish he'd exercise regularly so that the two of you can live a long, happy life together. Tell him you were thinking about getting him a membership to your gym so you could work out together and see how he responds. If he gets defensive, then suggest just a month-long pass, just to try it out. Maybe you can find a gym that offers tons of activities that interest him, like a pool, basketball or racquetball court, or indoor soccer. He might be more willing to exercise if he knows how important it is to you, and allowing him to choose the place will make it feel more like his idea.

There's nothing wrong with a little gentle nudging and consistent encouragement, but try not to nag. Remember that you can want him to change his unhealthy habits all you want, but ultimately, it's up to him to want to make changes for himself.


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