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You Asked: Losing Weight and Losing My Chest Too

Dear Fit,
I've been on a health kick for about three months. I'm exercising four times a week, eating well, and am proud to say that I've been dropping pounds and am halfway to my goal weight. My only complaint is that I've also dropped a cup size, and am worried my chest will get even smaller. My chest was the one part of my body I actually really liked! Is there any way to lose weight but not lose my boobs?
— Missing My Girls

First of all, congrats on losing weight. It must be exciting to see all your hard work pay off when you step on the scale. I can also understand your frustration at seeing your chest size shrink. To find out what you can do,


The only thing you can do is embrace your less curvaceous self. Unfortunately, just like you can't spot-reduce areas of your body, you can't spot-save, either. In other words, the body doesn't let you pick and choose which parts you lose the fat from. In fact, genetics play a huge role in where your body chooses to draw fat from for fuel.

While you can't keep the pounds from shedding off your chest, you can keep it looking toned by adding a few strength moves into your gym routine. Include push-ups, plank variations, and chest presses to work your pecs.

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