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You Asked: Wrist Pain When Lifting Weights?

You're asking and I'm answering.

"Hey Fit. I am not usually a weight lifter but I've recently started doing a few things. The only problem is that it really hurts my wrists when I am doing them. Am I doing something wrong?"
- Weighted Wrist Pain Wendy

Great question, and you may be surprised to hear that this is actually a common problem, especially for women. Do me a favor and take a look at your wrists. Pretty small, eh? These little suckers do a lot for you and so you need to be extra careful of them. I've got a few tips that should help ease your pain so


You probably just need to fix your form. Pay special attention not to roll your wrist backward or forward when you're holding weights. The wrist should be aligned with the forearm. Hold the handle tight in your palm, and not up towards your fingers. If you are not able to do either of these, decrease the weight. Once you are stronger, you can up the weight. Also, don't neglect your forearms. Most women never train their forearms but they are important for wrist strength and exercising them will help reduce wrist strain — my favorite exercise for the forearms is the wrist curl. If you still are experiencing pain then you may want to see your doctor because it could signify something more serious like carpal tunnel or a sprain.


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