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If You Want Something Done Right...

...then don't send your husband to do it.

No, honestly I don't believe that theory at all, but after reading a recent report on Yahoo News, I feel the issue should be addressed when it comes to grocery shopping.

Apparently, when it comes to the grocery store, our male counterparts are totally and utterly overwhelmed. On top of that, they have tunnel vision when it comes to groceries and may end up buying only what they know best, aka meat, meat and more meat. Not exactly fitting into Meatless Mondays, now is it?

I can see it now, "Organic raw almonds? Oh, I just remember we needed nuts and [proud look comes across his face] these tins of honey-roasted-candy-coated peanuts were two for one, so I got four." So what's a busy woman in the 21st century, who's trying to keep to a healthy diet, to do? Well if you feel like the male grocery shopper in your life is coming home in a cold sweat armed with, well cold cuts then just make him a detailed list of the things you must have. This way you'll be sure to get all the low calorie, healthy and organic goodies you are accustomed to getting yourself, without actually having to get them yourself. Heck, Men's Health even has a pre-made list you can download here.


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