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Is Your Belly Button an Innie or an Outie?

New research out of Finland takes contemplating your navel to an entirely new level. After determining the aesthetically preferred shape — "t-shaped or oval and vertical, with a little hooding, and which don't protrude" — experimental biologist Ari Sinkkonen firmly believes that belly buttons signal the reproductive potential of women.

An asymmetrical umbilicus, as belly buttons are known in medical speak, might indicate a future mother's own difficult gestation and delivery. These difficulties are ones that may be passed down genetically, turning a seemingly benign belly button into a visual cue of maternal potential. Evolution ultimately boils down to the passing of the seed, and maybe lounging about in your bikini is sending potential mates signals we are just learning to consciously read. Maybe that, or maybe a belly button is just a belly button.

Sinkkonen remarked that women shouldn't worry about the state of their navels; he just believes they exist for more than collecting lint.

I am curious . . .


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