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Is Your Diet Missing Magnesium?

If healthy living is part of your plans for how to tackle 2008, then you need to ask yourself if your diet is missing magnesium. This mineral is mighty but is often over looked, even though it participates in hundreds of bodily functions that foster good health. It contributes to bone strength; in fact 50 percent of your total body magnesium is found in the bones. It also helps promotes a robust immune system and normalizes muscle, nerve, and heart function. Pretty convincing list, don't ya think?

Women ages 19 to 30 should get 310 milligrams daily of the mineral, and women over 31 need 10 milligrams more, with their daily recommended intake (RDI) being 320 milligrams. The good news is that whole grains are high in magnesium, especially quinoa. An ounce of dry roasted almonds contains 80 milligrams of magnesium while dry roasted cashews contain 75 milligrams. If you are looking for a food source a little lower in fat, then be sure to add beans to your diet. A cup of cooked black beans contains 75 milligrams of magnesium as well. Dairy products are also a good choice, just remember to choose low fat ones.

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