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Tara Stiles: Alcohol

Want to erase a few years from your face? Stop with the fancy cocktails, says yogini Tara Stiles: "No one wants to hear this one, but if you want your body to operate optimally and look fantastic — and younger — avoid alcohol." Given that Tara works closely with Brooklyn Decker, this advice is clearly working! When it comes to weight loss, giving up alcohol is a must for Tim Rich, personal trainer with Crunch gym. Tim says alcohol is nothing but "empty calories" and suggests that those looking to lose a few pounds should ditch drinking for 21 days; after that, limit drinks to a few per week. Tim says he only drinks "a few beers a month."

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corbinia corbinia 3 years
I actually have given up alcohol for the month and have not lost any weight. : ( maybe I need to abstain a little longer to really test this theory.