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Balancing Star

What it tones: Arms, shoulders, abs, and thighs

How to do it:

  • From Quarter Dog, lift your elbows up, coming back into Downward Facing Dog. Step both feet together so your big toes are touching.
  • Move your left hand over to the right six or so inches so it's at the upper center of your mat. Step your left foot forward two inches, and plant the sole of your left foot firmly on the mat so your toes are pointing to the right.
  • Roll open to your left side, and lift your right hand off the mat. Raise your right leg up into the air. Stay here, balancing on your left hand and foot. Keep your shoulders, spine, and hips in one straight line, and gaze toward your right hand.
  • Hold here for five deep breaths, keeping your core strong and the pose steady.

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