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Your Partner Isn't on the Same Healthy Road

A partner who's on a similar path can be a huge help to your weight-loss goals, but if your partner is not on board, then your relationship may be making you fat. You can't expect to lose weight if your husband constantly suggests ordering takeout, wants to go out for ice cream, or encourages you to sleep in instead of hitting the gym! Communicating that you need his support in losing weight is a great first step in finding compromises — for both of you. For starters, the next time you have dinner out, offer to split an appetizer or skip dessert.

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38 weeks

That's true. I weight 200 and at the advice of friends, worked out and dropped down to 170. I felt better about myself and started dating again. Moved in with someone who did not share my commitment to fitness. She said she did, but generally doesn't want to put in the time. Her fitness intentions involve walking, which she suggest would be as good as going to the gym. Then there's alcohol, and stress resulting from anxiety around seemingly insignificant matters. Four years later, I'm well over 215 and struggling to maintain my lifestyle while I provide emotional support for someone I care about.