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  • After Wide-Legged Forward Bend C, turn to the front of your mat and step back into Downward Facing Dog. Then, step both feet together so your big toes are touching.
  • Move your left hand over to the right so it's at the center of your mat (still at the top of your mat). Roll over to your left side, and plant your left heel down so you are balancing on the outside edge of your left foot, stacking your flexed feet. Reach your right arm up above you, and, if you can, gaze up at your palm.
  • If this feels easy, play around with grabbing hold of your right big toe. Lift your right leg up, bending your right knee, and hold on to your big toe with the first two fingers and thumb of your left hand.
  • Stay here for five deep breaths, trying to keep your core strong and the pose steady.
  • Lower your upper hand to the mat. Repeat this pose on the other side.

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