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Kneeling Twist

This effective twist increases spinal rotation, which can decrease with the concentration on forward motion of running.

  • From Arching Pigeon, come onto the hands and knees with your knees hips-width distance apart, hands underneath the shoulders.
  • Inhale to raise your left arm into the air and then exhale to swing it back down, threading it through the space between your right hand and knees, lowering your left shoulder and left side of the head to the mat.
  • Inhale to raise your right arm in the air and draw it behind you as far as you can to open the chest and deepen the twist. Exhale to turn your head to the right.
  • Hold here, breathing deeply for five breaths, then come back onto the hands and knees and repeat this pose on the other side.
Photos: Jenny Sugar at Laughing River Yoga Studio