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Bkr Glass Water Bottle

The bkr water bottle ($34) is a hot item that I kept seeing on a daily basis. I first spotted it in the hands of celebs, then on my co-workers' desks, and finally at popular retailers like Crate and Barrel and Gap. It's safe to say I've been coveting a bkr for some time. But could I really justify having another water bottle?

The answer is yes. After losing too many bottles in transit, I've realized that it's better to have a couple of bottles reserved for specific activities. The bottle I use for workouts lives in my gym bag, my bottle for work stays on my desk, and now the bkr stays in my purse as my go-to for everyday activities. I love the way it looks, how easy it is to carry whether using the grippy outer silicone sleeve or loop on the cap, and that it's made from BPA-free glass. And as cheesy as it sounds, I have definitely upped my water intake since it's come into my life.

— MF

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