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With a new CEO at its helm, I decided to give Lululemon another shot. When I finally tried on the Run Inspire Leggings, it was as if someone read my mind: everything I had ever wanted in a workout capri was there. The leggings have the perfect amount of sheen without falling into the territory of disco-ready spandex, and they feel soft against the skin. And even during the sweatiest workouts (SoulCycle, anyone?!), the material keeps me dry. It also keeps me covered — you'll be happy to know that Lululemon has revamped its material to avoid any see-through issues at the gym.

Best of all is the "block-it pocket," which promises to keep everything dry. Gone are days of going on a run and sheepishly handing my soggy money over to a store clerk while he looks at me in disgust. Postrecovery chocolate milk can now be bought without any guilt — and with completely bone-dry dollar bills!

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